Road conditions from Asheville to Cleveland

few clouds    55°F
Few Clouds
Feels like 54.27
Wind speed 5.7 mph
Pressure 1022 hPa
Mars Hill
overcast clouds    54°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 53.44
Wind speed 5.6 mph
Pressure 1022 hPa
Johnson City
scattered clouds    52°F
Scattered Clouds
Feels like 50.22
Wind speed 3.4 mph
Pressure 1020 hPa
broken clouds    51°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 50.45
Wind speed 5 mph
Pressure 1020 hPa
scattered clouds    49°F
Scattered Clouds
Feels like 49.15
Wind speed 0 mph
Pressure 982 hPa
clear sky    47°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 46.67
Wind speed 1 mph
Pressure 1023 hPa
overcast clouds    54°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 53.2
Wind speed 8.8 mph
Pressure 1020 hPa
overcast clouds    47°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 45
Wind speed 4.3 mph
Pressure 1022 hPa
clear sky    52°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 51.24
Wind speed 9.2 mph
Pressure 1019 hPa
overcast clouds    53°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 51.67
Wind speed 3.4 mph
Pressure 1011 hPa
overcast clouds    49°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 47.55
Wind speed 3.5 mph
Pressure 1015 hPa
overcast clouds    55°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 54.28
Wind speed 7 mph
Pressure 1013 hPa
overcast clouds    54°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 53.17
Wind speed 9.4 mph
Pressure 1014 hPa
overcast clouds    47°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 43.5
Wind speed 8.2 mph
Pressure 1014 hPa
New Philadelphia
overcast clouds    47°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 41.61
Wind speed 11.5 mph
Pressure 1005 hPa
North Canton
light rain    42°F
Light Rain
Feels like 35.26
Wind speed 13.8 mph
Pressure 1011 hPa
moderate rain    42°F
Moderate Rain
Feels like 36.46
Wind speed 10.4 mph
Pressure 1012 hPa

Possible roads closed in Ohio: (more info from ODOT)
Near Cleveland until Aug 31. Center St. bridge over the Cuyahoga River between Merwin Ave. and Riverbed St. will be closed through summer 2023, for bridge rehabilitation.

Possible roads closed in Tennessee: (more info from TDOT)
Near Johnson City until Feb 28. State Route 34 both directions in Washington County - Between KNOB CREEK DOCK RD. and SHADY LN., bridge repair will cause a reduction in lanes from two to one lane 24 hours daily. This work is expected to be completed by 02/28/2023.

Possible roads closed in Virginia: (more info from VDOT)
Near Wytheville. Minor Construction. I-77N from MM 42.0 to MM 43.5.



Weather conditions:
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