Weather from Centerville (Tennessee) to Nashville

clear sky    80°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 79.54
Wind speed 5.9 mph
Pressure 1016 hPa
Bon Aqua Junction
clear sky    78°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 78.98
Wind speed 6 mph
Pressure 1017 hPa
Kingston Springs
clear sky    80°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 85.21
Wind speed 1 mph
Pressure 1009 hPa
clear sky    82°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 86.27
Wind speed 8.1 mph
Pressure 1016 hPa
clear sky    81°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 84.88
Wind speed 6.9 mph
Pressure 1009 hPa
scattered clouds    84°F
Scattered Clouds
Feels like 89.28
Wind speed 11 mph
Pressure 1010 hPa


Weather conditions:
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