Weather from Las Vegas to Vancouver (Washington)

Las Vegas
clear sky    93°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 88.75
Wind speed 13.8 mph
Pressure 1000 hPa
Indian Springs
clear sky    82°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 79.63
Wind speed 15 mph
Pressure 1007 hPa
broken clouds    78°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 76.89
Wind speed 6.6 mph
Pressure 1004 hPa
few clouds    73°F
Few Clouds
Feels like 70.72
Wind speed 9.2 mph
Pressure 1009 hPa
Watertown (historical)
overcast clouds    52°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 49.62
Wind speed 9.6 mph
Pressure 1008 hPa
Battle Mountain
overcast clouds    59°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 57.4
Wind speed 11.5 mph
Pressure 1012 hPa
broken clouds    61°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 59.41
Wind speed 8.1 mph
Pressure 1011 hPa
overcast clouds    56°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 53.78
Wind speed 11.5 mph
Pressure 1010 hPa
overcast clouds    57°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 54.64
Wind speed 10.4 mph
Pressure 1009 hPa
broken clouds    57°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 54.82
Wind speed 2 mph
Pressure 1005 hPa
broken clouds    54°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 52.63
Wind speed 13.8 mph
Pressure 1004 hPa
Warm Springs
overcast clouds    66°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 63.77
Wind speed 5.8 mph
Pressure 1007 hPa
moderate rain    55°F
Moderate Rain
Feels like 55
Wind speed 12.7 mph
Pressure 1003 hPa
moderate rain    56°F
Moderate Rain
Feels like 55.04
Wind speed 10.4 mph
Pressure 1003 hPa

Possible roads closed in Nevada: (more info from NDOT)
Near Battle Mountain. Roadwork - on I-80 in both directions between Pumpernickel Valley and Valmy in Humboldt County Nevada. Motorists can expect lane closures, 14 foot width limit, and Speed limit reduced to 55 mph. Decrease Speed and Move Over for Highway Personnel and Vehicles.
Near Winnemucca. Parade (Road Closed) - on SR-289 in both directions from 4th street to East Winnemucca Boulevard in Winnemucca, Humboldt County Nevada. Saturday, June 11th, 10: 30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Use alternate route. Slow down, watch for pedestrians, and expect delay.
Near Las Vegas until Dec 30. Roadwork - on I-515 in both directions between I-15 and Eastern Ave in Las Vegas, Clark County Nevada. Lanes reduced to two until late December 2022 for road improvements. Use caution around this area and expect delays.

Possible roads closed in Oregon: (more info from ODOT)
Near Vancouver until Jul 5. No traffic impacts.
Near Redmond until Jun 1. Road construction is occurring causing no to minimum delays. Use caution. Deceleration lanes at Quarry Ave and 61st St from US97 Southbound. Acceleration lane from 61st St to US97 southbound to provide greater merge distance, median barrier installation south of the Tumalo Road Interchange. A turn around from US97 southbound to northbound.



Weather conditions:
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