Road conditions from Monterey to Boston

light rain    54°F
Light Rain
Feels like 52
Wind speed 19 mph
Pressure 1013 hPa
Elk Grove
heavy intensity rain    50°F
Heavy Intensity Rain
Feels like 43.29
Wind speed 20.7 mph
Pressure 1010 hPa
broken clouds    47°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 37.92
Wind speed 26.5 mph
Pressure 1005 hPa
Battle Mountain
overcast clouds    34°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 28.65
Wind speed 5.8 mph
Pressure 1015 hPa
few clouds    45°F
Few Clouds
Feels like 37.98
Wind speed 13.8 mph
Pressure 1014 hPa
scattered clouds    42°F
Scattered Clouds
Feels like 39.25
Wind speed 4.6 mph
Pressure 1018 hPa
Rock Springs
clear sky    35°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 30.99
Wind speed 4.6 mph
Pressure 1019 hPa
clear sky    30°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 17.49
Wind speed 23 mph
Pressure 1021 hPa
clear sky    34°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 23.67
Wind speed 15 mph
Pressure 1023 hPa
North Platte
clear sky    40°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 30.87
Wind speed 19 mph
Pressure 1027 hPa
Grand Island
clear sky    36°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 27.54
Wind speed 11.5 mph
Pressure 1028 hPa
clear sky    43°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 37.58
Wind speed 9.2 mph
Pressure 1029 hPa
clear sky    40°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 35.46
Wind speed 6.9 mph
Pressure 1028 hPa
East Moline
clear sky    45°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 43.29
Wind speed 3.4 mph
Pressure 1026 hPa
broken clouds    46°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 43.54
Wind speed 4.6 mph
Pressure 1027 hPa
clear sky    47°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 43.09
Wind speed 8.1 mph
Pressure 1024 hPa
few clouds    44°F
Few Clouds
Feels like 37.47
Wind speed 11.5 mph
Pressure 1023 hPa
overcast clouds    43°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 37.42
Wind speed 9.2 mph
Pressure 1021 hPa
overcast clouds    41°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 34.25
Wind speed 10.4 mph
Pressure 1020 hPa
overcast clouds    43°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 38.89
Wind speed 6 mph
Pressure 1018 hPa

Possible roads closed in California: (more info from Caltrans)
Near Elk Grove until Wednesday. SR-99 South Sign Work, Loop

Possible roads closed in Iowa: (more info from Iowa DOT)
Near East Moline until May 15. road construction intermittent lane closure Web Text: Davenport RCE (800-262-5145) - Scott County
Near Newton. seasonal roadway conditions Forecast Text: Mostly cloudy. Wind gusts of up to 17 mph are expected. Segment Name: IA 14 -- US 6 to Baxter Corner Segment Name: IA 14 -- Baxter Corner to Laurel Corner Segment Name: IA 14 -- Laurel Corner to Laurel Segment Name: IA 14 -- CR E67 to US 30
Near Bellevue. seasonal roadway conditions Forecast Text: Partly cloudy. Wind gusts of up to 12 mph are expected. Segment Name: I-29 -- CR H10, Exit 42, to IA 92 Segment Name: I-29 -- IA 92 to Nebraska Ave, Exit 52

Possible roads closed in Indiana: (more info from INDOT)
Near Griffith until Apr 16. lane closed A nightly single lane closure for EB left lane (lane 1) will occur nightly, as needed, beginning Monday, March 20 at 8 PM CST to Sunday April 16 at 12 PM from MM 5.5 to MM 10.5. Times are as follows: Monday - Thursday: 8 PM - 5 AM Friday - Saturday: 9 PM - 10 AM Saturday - Sunday 8 PM - 12 PM

Possible roads closed in Nebraska: (more info from NDOT)
Near Grand Island until Apr 30. width restriction
Near North Platte. utility work traffic congestion reduced to two lanes

Possible roads closed in Nevada: (more info from NDOT)
Near Battle Mountain until Oct 8. Road work on I-80 Westbound from mile marker 217 to mile marker 228. Width Restriction: 14ft Speed Restriction: 55mph
Near Sparks until Mar 31. Minor Road work on S Meadows Pkwy Eastbound near Foothill Rd.

Possible roads closed in New York: (more info from NYSDOT)
Near Syracuse until Apr 7. Bridge work on I-690 eastbound ramp to I-81 Southbound (Syracuse), Continuous Wednesday March 22nd, 2023 05:30 AM thru Friday April 7th, 2023 04:00 PM left shoulder closed.
Near Jamestown until Jul 21. Roadwork on NY 60 southbound Fluvanna Avenue; NY 430 (Jamestown) to westbound NY 394 at North Main Street; NY 60 (Jamestown), Thursday February 16th, 2023 thru Friday July 21st, 2023, Sunday thru Saturday, 07:00 AM thru 05:00 PM 1 Right lane of 2 lanes closed.

Possible roads closed in Ohio: (more info from ODOT)
Near Cleveland until Aug 31. Center St. bridge over the Cuyahoga River between Merwin Ave. and Riverbed St. will be closed through summer 2023, for bridge rehabilitation.

Possible roads closed in Utah: (more info from UDOT)
Near Tooele. Shoulder closures and/or lane closures may occur Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. · Dates and times of construction are subject to change based on weather and equipment availability. · Please travel slowly through the construction zone and follow posted signs.

Possible roads closed in Wyoming: (more info from WYDOT)
Near Rawlins. .
Near Rock Springs. .



Weather conditions:
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