Road conditions from San Luis Obispo to Oregon

San Luis Obispo
clear sky    44°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 44.24
Wind speed 0 mph
Pressure 1025 hPa
overcast clouds    50°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 44.89
Wind speed 1.9 mph
Pressure 1024 hPa
overcast clouds    50°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 45.09
Wind speed 2.8 mph
Pressure 1024 hPa
light rain    49°F
Light Rain
Feels like 44.78
Wind speed 9.2 mph
Pressure 1023 hPa
haze    51°F
Feels like 49.28
Wind speed 8.1 mph
Pressure 1025 hPa
light rain    49°F
Light Rain
Feels like 43.38
Wind speed 13.8 mph
Pressure 1020 hPa
mist    49°F
Feels like 45.39
Wind speed 9.2 mph
Pressure 1022 hPa
broken clouds    49°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 44.71
Wind speed 11.5 mph
Pressure 1022 hPa
light rain    50°F
Light Rain
Feels like 48.96
Wind speed 15.4 mph
Pressure 1020 hPa
moderate rain    47°F
Moderate Rain
Feels like 45.88
Wind speed 4 mph
Pressure 1020 hPa
mist    40°F
Feels like 39.88
Wind speed 2 mph
Pressure 1012 hPa
Lake Shasta
moderate rain    43°F
Moderate Rain
Feels like 39.56
Wind speed 6.2 mph
Pressure 1008 hPa
Mount Shasta
snow    34°F
Feels like 28.56
Wind speed 5.8 mph
Pressure 1017 hPa
Klamath Falls
overcast clouds    27°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 21.7
Wind speed 4.6 mph
Pressure 1017 hPa
overcast clouds    36°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 28.11
Wind speed 11.1 mph
Pressure 1018 hPa
La Pine
light snow    32°F
Light Snow
Feels like 25.38
Wind speed 7.5 mph
Pressure 1013 hPa

Possible roads closed in California: (more info from Caltrans)
Near Orland until Saturday. I-5 North Highway Construction
Near Redding until Dec 31. SR-273 North Highway Construction
Near Williams until Saturday. SR-20 East / West Utility Work
Near Woodland until Saturday. I-5 North Drainage Work
Near Milpitas on Dec 12. I-880 North Litter Removal
Near Gilroy on Sunday. SR-152 East Utility Work
Near Soledad until Feb 1, 2023. US-101 N/A Bridge Work

Possible roads closed in Oregon: (more info from ODOT)
Near Klamath Falls until Saturday. Road construction is occurring causing minimal delay to traffic. Use caution and watch for workers. Bridge work on Nevada Street Bridge at MP 273.62 and USBR Bridge at MP 273.71. Traffic Control installed on Nevada Street/Oregon Avenue work will be done behind concrete barrier, no delays expected. US97: lane shift traffic control installed, bridge work will be done behind the barrier, no delays expected.



Weather conditions:
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