Road conditions from Wichita to Albuquerque

broken clouds    76°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 75.52
Wind speed 16.1 mph
Pressure 999 hPa
broken clouds    75°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 74.1
Wind speed 12.6 mph
Pressure 1007 hPa
broken clouds    68°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 66.47
Wind speed 6.8 mph
Pressure 1009 hPa
broken clouds    56°F
Broken Clouds
Feels like 54.73
Wind speed 5.8 mph
Pressure 1011 hPa
overcast clouds    65°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 62.76
Wind speed 12.5 mph
Pressure 1006 hPa
overcast clouds    76°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 74.79
Wind speed 22.4 mph
Pressure 1004 hPa
clear sky    79°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 78.94
Wind speed 27.6 mph
Pressure 1007 hPa
clear sky    64°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 62.37
Wind speed 23 mph
Pressure 1009 hPa
overcast clouds    62°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 59.61
Wind speed 20 mph
Pressure 1008 hPa
clear sky    74°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 72.52
Wind speed 34.5 mph
Pressure 1009 hPa
overcast clouds    72°F
Overcast Clouds
Feels like 70.34
Wind speed 32.5 mph
Pressure 1007 hPa
clear sky    71°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 69.26
Wind speed 28.8 mph
Pressure 1010 hPa
Santa Rosa
clear sky    72°F
Clear Sky
Feels like 70.02
Wind speed 29.9 mph
Pressure 1012 hPa
few clouds    62°F
Few Clouds
Feels like 59.11
Wind speed 39.6 mph
Pressure 1007 hPa

Possible roads closed in Kansas: (more info from KDOT)
Near Meade. road construction Sign installation on both sides of the road. Beware of vehicles and equipment on edge of roadway and crossing highway.
Near Liberal until Aug 31. road construction The project is a four lane expansion of the roadway from west of Tucker Rd (Rd F) east 3 miles to the existing 4 lane near Road O. It has four phases with traffic carried through the work zone with two way traffic. The first phase traffic will be carried on the existing two lanes with construction activities alongside the existing roadway. The traveling public should be alert for all work zone signing and follow as directed.
Near Kingman until Jun 30. road construction

Possible roads closed in New Mexico: (more info from NMDOT)
Near Tucumcari. Alert~~~Bride structures 5995, 5254, & 5257 located at mile posts 71.5, 81.8, and 87.2 have weight limits of 25 tons.

Possible roads closed in Texas: (more info from TxDOT)
Near Dalhart until May 31. Alternating lanes closed. Daytime closure only.



Weather conditions:
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